An Informational Guide to Growing a Circle Beard


A circle beard is one of the latest trends in facial hairstyles. You know that guy who has a mustache but doesn't have a goatee? That's a natural circle beard! It's really easy to grow, and it fits almost any clothing style.

A circle beard style is a go-to for many men. It accentuates your facial features and it’s a great alternative to the usual, regular look.

This blog post will tell you all about growing an epic circle beard, covering everything from what facial hair works best for your look, when to trim or shape your ring, and how long it takes before becoming fully bearded.  

How to Grow a Circle Beard

All men interested in growing a traditional circle beard should know that it’s entirely possible without taking drastic measures. There is no need to drastically change their diet or grooming practices. 

Growing a circle beard requires patience and commitment. You must not shave the full face for around 4 weeks - this will give your beard enough time to grow into a natural circle.

It should be noted that there are different techniques for growing a circle beard. Those who are at least two weeks into their beard growth journey would notice that the hair grows evenly across the face, including the mustache area.

The only adjustment one should make during the first month of this transformation is trimming the mustache to make it even with the rest of your facial hair. After 4 weeks, you can then go ahead and shave your mustache area, if you prefer.

While this facial hair style works better with some face shapes than others, it is generally considered to be an easy style to maintain.

While a circle beard won't require much care, one should still learn how to properly trim and groom it as necessary. You can also use them if you have patchy growth on the sides but still want to enjoy the pleasure of growing a beard.

Will A Circle Beard Suit My Face Shape?

Many people wonder whether or not they can grow a circle beard if their face does not have the right shape – i.e., oval – for this kind of facial hair.

The answer is yes, even if your face has an irregular shape, you still stand a chance at growing a circle beard – it may take a bit more patience, but it's still entirely possible. Circle beards are quite versatile, giving an impactful and strong feature to a guy's personality. 

Styling & Regular Maintenance Of A Circle Beard

Once you have finally grown your circle beard to its desired length, it’s time to decide how you would like to style and maintain it. Here are some things that work best with this type of facial hair:

If this is your first time growing a circle beard, you can check out instructional videos on how to properly groom and maintain your facial hair. There are many videos and tutorials available online that can guide you through how to grow, and style a circle beard, making the process much easier.

As mentioned above, there are several styles available for men who want to grow a circle beard. If you happen to have a round or square face, you may want to go with a style that makes your face look as oval as possible.

Those with an oval-shaped face can style their facial hair in whichever way they'd like, though they should avoid anything that might make their traits more circular.

The last thing to consider is picking a style that you won’t need to maintain for a long time. You may have heard that to keep a circle beard properly groomed means not trimming down your mustache area.

While it's best to trim your facial hair regularly, you should only trim the mustache when it grows so much to cover your upper lip – otherwise, the strong mustache area doesn't need much attention.

It is also a good idea to match the haircut to your circle beard. You may want to consider getting a different haircut every time you change your facial hairstyle – this is especially true if you're going for a short or medium-length circle beard.

If this is your first time growing a circle beard, be cautious about whether or not this style will look good on your face – especially if you already have a square or round face. It should be pretty simple to choose a new hairstyle that works specifically with your new facial hair – just make sure you consult with a stylist before making any major changes.

The Best Tools To Style & Maintain Your Circle Beard

Tools are essential when it comes to keeping your beard in the right shape. Here are some of the most recommended tools that will help you maintain your beard style always on track:

1. Beard Oil

When shopping for good beard oil, you should look for a product that is specifically formulated for growing a circle beard. The best oils will not only moisturize and condition your beard but will also help you maintain the style of facial hair that you want.

2. Beard Comb or Brush

Beard combs and brushes are essential to prevent men's beards from becoming messy and unkempt. Most beards' combs come with either nylon or boar bristles, so it's best to go for the one that works best with your hair type. Men with thicker hair may want to use a large-tooth comb; on the other hand, thinner hair goes best with a fine-tooth comb.

3. Beard Trimmer

A quality precise trimmer is another great tool that most men who want to keep their circle beards looking neat should consider investing in. The best electric trimmer will allow you to style your circle beard according to the guidelines above. In addition, a good beard trimmer will also make it easier to maintain the length of your facial hair.

4. Beard Shaping Tool

Lastly, you may want to consider using a special tool designed specifically for grooming beards. For example, some men opt for a circle beard template or stencil to neatly trim their circle beards. While using a template or stencil isn't necessary, it may help keep your beard neat and even without having to make an effort shaping it yourself.

Circle Beard Styles

If you're looking for some new, fresh ideas on how to style your beard, then this article is for you! Unlike unkempt beards, natural circle beards allow you to display your grey hair without looking scruffy. Jeff Bridges, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Kanye West are outstanding examples.

Brian Cranston's role as Walter White on Breaking Bad is also said to have boosted the style’s popularity, elevating it to its Nu metal roots in the ‘00s from its laughable boy band days

You don't have to stick to the same look every day, as many different options can be used with a circle beard. It’s all about getting creative with the beard circles and having fun with them. Let’s explore the most popular beard styles so you can decide which one best suits your personality. 

The Classic Circle Beard

Most men choose a round beard that is not too long. It will look similar to the full beard, minus the mustache and soul patch. This beard design is a favorite for many men because it's simple and easy to maintain when compared to a goatee shape. No need for trimmers or special tools!

The Full Circle Beard

This circle style has everything included in the classic circle beard, but it can be styled with a point at the chin or you can grow it out to be even longer depending on your taste. 

A common mistake is growing your circle beard too long. Not only does this make you look like Santa Claus, but many women find it attractive when facial hair is shorter in length. You don't want to go overboard.

Hipster Beard

This fancy circle beard style is usually done with a mustache and chin strap beard. You can curl your mustache if you wish, but many men prefer to keep it straight. The exact location of the soul patch will depend on your face shape, but it's often placed right under the bottom lip or just above the chin hair area.

Thin Style Beard

If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-maintain circle-shaped beard, then this one is perfect. It's shorter than the long circle beard and it doesn't require as many tools or products to keep up with. You can either use a straight razor or clippers to trim the chin strap and soul patch — just don't forget about your mustache!


Good job! You now know how to grow and maintain your round beard hair, as well as the four common beard styles that can be used with a circle beard.

Take some time to experiment and see what works best. Once you find something that suits you, go ahead and rock it like the awesome dude that you are!

If you're not sure which style to go with, you can always keep it simple. Chances are there's a group of women out there who will appreciate your new look. Good luck!

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