Premium Beard Care Products vs DIY

If you browse around Pinterest you’ll find countless DIY posts for beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, beard wash – you name it, it’s there. “Magic”, “Amazing”, “Healthy” they claim to make your beard, costing you only the change in your pocket. Maybe you’re considering spending $1 per month for your beard oil, surely it’s good [enough] you tell yourself.

We get it, premium beard products can be expensive. You’re a man after all. You hesitate at checkout, hovering over the ‘Buy’ button. You think, should I really throw down my hard earned $25 for 1 oz of premium beard oil? Is this beard balm truly better than simply buying some shea butter from my local vitamin shop? Let me explain why it’s a resounding YES on both counts.

First off let us remember, it’s your precious face we’re talking about here. It’s the months you’ve spent cultivating that luscious beard into an exotic conversation piece. It’s what keeps you warm at night while you sleep, and the first thing you stroke in the morning. Deep down you know it deserves only the finest products available. It’s this fundamental understanding that separates premium beard products from the DIY beard recipes you’ll find floating around.

There are tons of carrier oils, butters, essential oils, vitamins, available to you when DIY’ing your beard care. Beard companies producing high quality products have spent countless hours, weeks, months, years researching and testing the perfect blends of these ingredients to promote hair growth, nourish your skin, and to produce scents that smell impeccable. Blending essential oils is an art, so when you find a scent you love, understand it took many hours of refinement to get things just right. Scents that are sweet on the tip of the nose, but finish hours later with deeper notes that keep you smiling all day long.

This careful crafting and commitment to perfection is one of the key things you give up when you DIY. Another is the piece of mind that premium products have been used by happy customers all over the world. Sure, you can grab a bottle of Jojoba from the market, but are you certain the mix of essential oils and other random items you read about won’t damage your hair, cause a breakout, or otherwise ruin your hard work cultivating such a beautiful beard?

But, why are these products so expensive compared to those DIY recipes, you ask? What actually goes into making a $25 bottle of beard oil? Good question. It goes well beyond what’s in the bottle, though top-notch, high quality, natural ingredients are certainly a major contributing factor to the price point. But, also consider there are production costs, branding and design, labeling, R&D, marketing/advertising, shipping materials, website or shop costs, returns and costs related to guaranteeing our products, the list goes on. These things add up quickly and we want to continue offering you the best products around, for the long haul. When you DIY you save by cutting out many of these things, but are you comfortable with what you’re giving up?

With premium products from reputable beard companies, you get consistency. You build a relationship with that company, a partner in your beard journey. We understand how important your beard is, and we appreciate your trust in us and our products. With premium products you can relax knowing we’ve got your back when it counts.

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