"August," by definition, refers to a quality that inspires admiration and reverence, characterized by unquestionable dignity and superlative grandeur. Sublime by design, majestic in nature.

The August Beard stands to honor its namesake. Our products are artisanally crafted with quality, dignity, and integrity. Our carefully curated collection is made exclusively with 100% natural ingredients, and it always will be. Our unique line of premium products is where formulaic science and unrestrained artistry collaborate to create authentic luxury and unparalleled elegance—forged in tradition—built on principle—refined by experience. Our products are made to exemplify the character of the men that use them.

Here at The August Beard, we're determined to reinvent the highest quality standard that companies often disregard. The quality men expect in the products they purchase is precisely what we aim to give them; no cutting corners, no excuses.

Welcome to The August Beard.